Sick. Only 14% Of McCain Media Coverage Is Positive

Of course this comes as no surprise.
The media has been unusually hard on John McCain.
The Politico reported:

The good news for John McCain? He’s now receiving as much attention from the national media as his Democratic rival. The bad news? It’s overwhelmingly negative.

Just 14 percent of the stories about John McCain from the conventions through the final presidential debate were positive in tone, according to a study released today, while nearly 60 percent were negative—the least favorable coverage of any of the 4 candidates on the ticket.

The study, by The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, a non-partisan journalism watchdog organization, examined 2,412 stories from 43 newspapers and cable news shows in the six-week period beginning just after the conventions and ending with the final presidential debate.

The study also said that the biased coverage of Sarah Palin was improving.

Since the popular Governor Palin is bringing in record crowds it’s not surprising the media is wondering if she’s a liability.
She’s interfering on the Marxisant radical‘s coronation.

Joe Biden just told supporters that is Obama is so weak that there will be an international crisis if he is elected.
But, the media wonders if record-setting Palin is a drag on the ticket?

Most. Corrupt. Media. Ever.

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