She's Back– Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen Slams Obama

She’s been through worse than the disgusting attacks by the Obama Campaign.
As a baby Gianna Jessen actually survived an abortion.

Today Gianna Jessen slammed Barack Obama again for voting 4 times to support infanticide:

Born Again Truth will release ads in Colorado and Cleveland this week:

CHICAGO – released its second ad today featuring abortion survivor Gianna Jessen responding to Senator Barack Obama’s direct attack on her. See the ad here. Additionally, Focus on the Family Action, a Colorado-based family organization, is kicking off a $500,000 radio ad buy featuring the original Gianna ad revealing Senator Obama’s voting record on born alive infant protections. See here.

Gianna’s first ad will air on radio stations across Colorado and the new Gianna response ad will air on TV in Cleveland, and will be featured on and at

The total ad buy for both radio and TV will be close to $600,000.

Obama’s response spot to the original Gianna ad was filled with false and misleading distortions about Gianna Jessen and Obama’s own voting record against born alive infant protections.

“Senator Obama had the audacity to go after Gianna Jessen, born alive after a failed abortion, and call her and the ad she appeared in ‘a despicable lie,’” said Jill Stanek, executive director of “We want to make sure voters are aware of Barack Obama’s extreme stance on abortion and that he voted four times, while an Illinois State Senator, to deny medical care to infants born alive after abortions.”

Gianna Jessen is the first abortion survivor to appear in a political issue advocacy ad.

In her second ad, a 30-second spot, Gianna addresses Obama’s attacks and says that she has, in fact, dealt with worse: she survived an abortion.

HotAir has more on what Pro-Lifers can expect from an Obama presidency:

He has already told Planned Parenthood that one of his top priorities in his administration will be signing the Freedom of Choice Act, which will essentially federalize all aspects of the abortion issue. It will eliminate any restrictions at the state level, even those that have survived the scrutiny of the Supreme Court. FOCA will also repeal the Hyde Amendment and restart federal funding for abortions.

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