Ruh-Roh… McCain Closes In– Obama Drops 2 1/2 Points!

Ruh-Roh. The new Zogby poll shows that John McCain has cut Obama’s lead down to 3.8 percentage points from a 6.2 lead the day before. There are still with 7.4 undecideds.

Rasmussen has McCain within 5 points.

This is horrible news for Obama.
As the election nears people will more likely judge the candidates on character which is devastating for Obama. His many associations with anti-American haters, racists, anti-Semites, Marxists,… will not help the Far Left Chicago senator win over undecideds.


In other polling news– Please remember not to believe ONE SINGLE WORD that comes from the New York Times in the next two weeks at least.
Their new poll with CBS is garbage and was meant to demoralize Republicans.
Sweetness and Light has more on the NYT’s propaganda.

Hillbuzz offers good advice for viewing polls.

UPDATE: Via FOX News, Karl Rove says that the race is really within 3-4 points.

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