Outrageous!… California Nurses Union Airs "Dead McCain" Ad! …Update: Sick Ad Distorts the Facts!

Talk about outrageous!
Could you even imagine if a conservative group were to run dead Obama ad?
Could you even imagine?
The liberal California Nurses Union is running an ad showing John McCain’s heartbeat flatline.
Dead McCain.
Then they smear Governor Sarah Palin for the rest of the ad:

And, The California Nurses Union is running the ad in 6 swing states(?)
Obviously, this radical group is not just worried about good health care.
That’s your union dues at work.

UPDATE: This was some terrific analysis by commenter 2cents:

In addition to being a disgusting ad that relies purely on fear-mongering, every single one of the assertions made in this ad are either outright lies that have been debunked or serious misrepresentations:


1. rape kits – outright lie
2. working from home – serious misrepresentation because she did nothing ethically/legally wrong, and her expenses were a fraction of her predecessor’s
3. banning books – outright lie
4. teaching creationism (and more here) – serious misrepresentation because although she has said she believes this, she has never attempted to make her personal belief into public policy
5. personal vendetta – outright lie
6. the bridge – serious misrepresentation because Congress changed the bridge funds to general transportation funds, which any Governor would rightly keep for their state

It is clear with this ad that facts are not as important as generating fear and smear.

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