Only 17% Would Keep Current Pelosi-Reid Congress In Place

Worst. Congress. Ever.
Only 17% of Americans would keep the current Pelosi-Reid Congress in place if the election was today.
59% want to thow them all out.
Rasmussen reported:

Congress was front and center in the national news last week and the American people were far from impressed. If they could vote to keep or replace the entire Congress, 59% of voters would like to throw them all out and start over again. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just 17% would vote to keep the current legislators in office.

Today, just 23% have even a little confidence in the ability of Congress to deal with the nation’s economic problems and only 24% believe most Members of Congress understand legislation before they vote on it.

Last week, the House of Representatives initially rejected a financial bailout bill proposed by the Bush Administration. Later, after the Senate added a number of items that some call “pork” and others call “sweeteners,” the measure eventually passed. While the bill survived Washington, it did so at a time when just 30% of voters favored it and 45% were opposed.

Maybe the polling numbers have something to do with the several outrageous actions by this very liberal bunch.

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