Obamothugs Try to Block Palin's Motorcade– Get Pummeled Instead (Video) …Update: Palin Breaks Record

Your feel good post for the day–
Radical lawbreakers get slammed to pavement & Governor Palin breaks a record!
What’s not to like?

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Three cheers for the Grand Junction police!
Far Left Protesters Meet Pavement—


Several Obamothugs, anarchists and other radicals were wanting to block Sarah Palin’s motorcade in Grand Junction on Monday.
Sadly, they were tackled on the pavement instead:
CNN has the video:

According to the Free Press the protesters included- a hodgepodge of Obama supporters, anti-capitalists, anarchists and some protesting “all the above.”

CNN reported:

Protesters tried to block the motorcade of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in Grand Junction, Colorado, on Monday, but police dragged them out of the way.

The incident — just feet from the car carrying Palin — was captured on video by CNN affiliate KKCO-TV.

Eight to 10 protesters broke away from a larger group of demonstrators and darted into the street in front of Palin’s car just after the first police motorcycles in her motorcade had passed, said Acting Chief Troy Smith of the Grand Junction Police Department.

Wearing bandanas and with their faces covered, the protesters blocked the path and held up a large banner. Officers stopped their motorcycles, grabbed the protesters and dragged several out of the path of the oncoming motorcade.

At least two demonstrators were tackled and forced to the ground before being pulled away. One officer fell backwards into the path of an approaching vehicle but he was able to get out of the way in time.

Palin’s vehicle passed without a problem as other protesters chanted on the sidewalk, about a block from a site where Palin had addressed a rally.

Next time they ought to let the governor take a few potshots with some rubber bullets first.

Related… By the way, the Palin rally was the largest rally in Grand Junction history with 22,000 people showing up to support the popular Alaska Governor and VP candidate.

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