Obama's Radical Education Plans For America

Reporter Marinka Peschmann continues to do the hard investigative work the American media refuses to do.
Today, Peschmann investigates Obama’s failing record at the Chicago Annenberg Challenge and his radical education plans for America.
This it truly frightening.
The Canada Free Press reported:

Sen. Barack Obama vows to “change the world.” For starters, he’s made an “historic commitment to education” for “every American child” that begins “from the moment they’re born to the day they graduate college.”

What are some of Obama’s extraordinary education plans? Embedding positive behavior in students and developing a data system to monitor them.

Let’s first look at Obama’s education track record. It’s his exalted 7-year stint to reform Chicago schools as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) with “distinguished scholar” and unrepentant terrorist William Ayers that according to CAC’s records showed no academic achievement.

So far, Obama shows no sign of distress or contrition over CAC’s alarming outcome; nor has he explained why CAC funneled over U.S. $100 million to radical organizations in line with Ayer’s political ideology, including “to education programs built around the same extremist anti-American ideology preached by [Obama’s former pastor] Reverend Wright.” (National Review)

This ideological alliance was fomented during Ayer’s Weatherman days where cop killers were hailed as freedom fighters and radical cohorts were encouraged to recruit students, “bring the revolution home” and “kill your parents.”

There is more at Canada Free Press.

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