OBAMA TANKS– McCain Pulls Within 2 Points of Obama

Obama Tanks: GALLUP‘s ‘traditional’ likely voter model shows Obama with a two-point advantage over McCain on Thursday, 49% to 47%, this is within poll’s margin of error, via Drudge Report.

Investor’s Business Daily– the most accurate poll in the last election says Karl Rove, also has Obama’s lead slipping to just 2 over John McCain with 13 percent still undecided.

It’s going to be a long 20 days for Obama.
He better pray the markets collapse- again.


Meanwhile… The Obamedia is running a headline on Yahoo that voters are souring on McCain as Obama stays steady(?)
It’s funny how things work out that way.

More… The AP-Yahoo poll (pdf) also has a two point race with Obama at 44 and McCain at 42.
Oh my… They even over-polled dems and still got this result!

Flopping Aces described the McCain strategy behind the gains.

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