Obama Supporters Speak Out On Their Support For Israel

As Barack Obama says… “The ACORN does not fall far from the tree.”
The same goes with support for Israel.

Since the news broke again this week that Barack Obama was toasting a former PLO operative at a Chicago Jew-bash, the Left and the media have been strangely silent to condemn this atrocious behavior by their savior.

Likewise, his radical supporters see nothing wrong with palling with former PLO operatives.
Here are two Obama supporters speaking out on Israel from the comments section of this blog in the last 8 hours:

Paulette has left a new comment on your post “LA Times: Barack Obama’s Friends Are So Dangerous…”:

Insane McCainiancs and F*cktard Palins please stop using ancient texts for reasons for why you are the “chosen” people and why you own this and that piece of land.

I doubt very much the tape shows anything incriminating or that associating with Khaladi is any big deal. If it is then why did John McCain donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to Khalidi’s group?

I hope the new adminstration says no more unconditional support for Israel. Israel claims to be a democracy yet treats Palestinians as second class citizens; denies them access to education, or to travel freely and other rights which should be available to all. All because their bible tells them so? How f*cking stupid is that? Israel also harbors criminals who claim to be Jewish. With no extradition treaty with the US there’s a nice group of murderers in Israel who should be in jail for their horrible crimes. But because these murderers are of the chosen people they live freely.

Israel is absolutely shameless. No matter who wins the US election: NO more unconditional support for Israel. No more occupation.

That’s not “Jew bashing” it’s common sense that a democratic society like the US would promote democracy around the world. Look at is this way: If Jewish people were in France under occupation it would be unexcusable for the US to support France in any way until conditions changed in a positive way for French Jews.

I’ve always wondered why the Israelis are doing to a group of people what they complain has always been done to them?

Posted by Paulette to Gateway Pundit at 3:36 AM

Here’s another Obama supporter voicing their support for Israel the best way they know how:

DAC has left a new comment on your post “LA Times: Barack Obama’s Friends Are So Dangerous…”:

You’re out of your god-f*cking minds. Yes, I said god-f*cking.

McCain has had friendly relations with Khalidi in the past and donated five times the money to his cause that Obama donated.

That, and there’s actually nothing wrong with being pro-Palestinian and criticizing the state of Israel. But I’m sure you inbred hayseeds would disagree that there is such thing as a right to hold – gasp – opinions other than your own.

Posted by DAC to Gateway Pundit at 1:47 AM

(Asterisks mine)

Is it any wonder then that 76% of US citizens in Israel are voting for John McCain?

More… FrontPage has a report on Obama’s support for Israel.

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