Obama Admitted His Work With Terrorist Bill Ayers Qualified Him For US Senator (Video)

…And, Barack Obama admitted his work with Bill Ayers gave him his credentials for public office.
And, yet The New York Times wants you to believe that their paths just happened to cross!

In this must see video Barack Obama admits that one of his major qualifications for political office was his work with terrorist Bill Ayers. In this video Obama also calls Rev Meeks, Father Pfleger, and Jeremiah Wright his friends:

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In a recently discovered video Barack Obama admits that it was his work with terrorist Bill Ayers that qualified him for his election to the US Senate:

I am in my second term but it’s true that certainly Senator Trotter and Congressman Rusher(?) have been in elected office longer than I have. I can’t deny that. I would argue though that my experience previous to elected office equips me for the job. I have a background as an attorney. I’ve represented affordable housing organizations that build affordable housing something that’s a major issue in the district. I’ve chaired major philanthropic organizations efforts in the city like the Chicago Annenberg Challenge that gave $50 million to prompt school reform effors throughout the city.

World Net Daily has more on the NY Times whitewashing of the Ayers-Obama relationship.

UPDATE: Ayers Was on Woods Fund Board with Obama When He Stepped on Flag

UPDATE 2: Obama called the accusations a “smear” today at a rally today.

Founding Bloggers wants the Truth Squads on the case.

UPDATE 3: Michelle Obama had Ayers speak at a forum she organized in 1997.
But, the NY Times wants you to think that their paths just happened to cross. Right.

UPDATE 4: The Chicago Chronicle has a report on the panel Obama and Ayers sat on in 1997. Michelle Obama organized and praised the event.
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