MSU Student Vandals Destroy Pro-Life Display- Say It Was Freedom of Speech (Video)

Young Leftists destroyed a campus approved Pro-Life display at Missouri State University on October 1, 2008. Later on camera the vandals claimed they were just practicing their freedom of speech.
Life News reported:

Student vandals at Missouri State University wrecked a pro-life cross memorial on the school’s Blair-Shannon Lawn on Wednesday, October 1. Some students cheered from a nearby sidewalk as others deliberately stepped on the crosses and one student rode his bike through the display.

Bears for Life (BFL), a student group that received assistance from the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Virginia, hosted the Graveyard of Innocents, a memorial of nearly 4,000 popsicle-stick crosses to represent the number of unborn babies killed by abortion each day.

One BFL volunteer who witnessed the incident captured some of the vandalism on video.

Phillip Gleeson, president of Bears for Life commented, “I was shocked by the immaturity and lack of respect displayed by some members of the pro-choice community at Missouri State University.”

When a BFL student leader confronted the vandals and asked them why they felt free to destroy a university-approved display, one replied, “It’s campus property; we can walk where we want.” The delinquents continued to trample the crosses as they left.

Maybe it was extra credit for a class?

Later the Pro-life students caught up with the vandals and confronted them on their acts of violence:

What are they teaching these kids? That doesn’t make any sense.

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