Palin Primes For Debate & Reacts to Ifill News (Video)

Sarah Palin gets ready to rumble….
Here the popular governor talks about Obama’s plan to raise taxes and America’s energy crisis on Sean Hannity’s radio show yesterday:

Brilliant! If Governor Sarah Palin “drills’ this home at the debate tomorrow it will be lights out for Team Obama.

Governor Sarah Palin also reacted to the news on Gwen Ifill yesterday on Sean Hannity‘s radio program:

PALIN: You know, I’m not going to let it be a concern. Let me just tell you that John McCain has been in an underdog position before, and this ticket, I think it is safe to say, is in an underdog position. But that’s what makes us work harder. It makes us want to communicate more clearly and profoundly with the electorate, letting them know what the contrasts are between these two tickets, It’s motivating to me, even, to hear Gwen’s comments there because, again, it makes us work that much harder, and it provides even more fairness and objectivity and choices for the voters on November 4th, if we try that much harder.

PBS reporter Ifill never told the Debate Commission about her pro-Obama book project that is being released next January on Inauguration Day.
Sadly, there are those liberals in today’s political culture who believe it was acceptable for Ifill to withhold this information from the McCain Camp and Debate Commission.

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