Libs Threaten to Beat & Kill Sarah Palin… Media Silent

The liberal media is outraged over the 4-5 anti-Obama hecklers at the GOP rallies this week. They followed that up with headlines about the opposition candidate being booed by conservatives.

This prompted a leading Democrat to declare that the McCain-Palin people are just like the famous racist Democrat George Wallace.

But, once again, for every McCain heckler there’s at least 20 Obama supporting lunatics threatening Sarah Palin:

This piece artwork designates Sarah Palin as a “M.I.L.P.” (Mother I’d Like to Punch).
Michelle Malkin has put together a collection of this despicable Leftist filth.

I suggest the GOP:Lib rage factor is most likely like what you would find on the internet where nutroot’s profanity exceeds right wing profanity 18 to 1.

Here’s a clue for the media.

When the conservatives start mass producing “Obama is terrorist” signs, working “F*** Obama” into their comedy routines, pushing “abort Obama” stickers, then get concerned.


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