LA Times Writer Calls Sarah Palin a Monkey– Dems Call Her a Racist

PDS reaches new level of distress.
The Left calls the popular governor a racist and a monkey.

Sarah Palin in St. Louis last week with young admirer, Emma.

Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) comes out of the shadows at The LA Times.
Sports writer(?) Lisa Guerrero calls Sarah Palin a monkey:

On Friday night, the Angels’ Rally Monkey let down the home crowd in Anaheim. Although the team triumphed Sunday night in Boston, you can’t credit the monkey unless he sneaked into Jared Weaver’s suitcase.

On Saturday, John McCain’s rally monkey, Sarah Palin, popped up in Carson. Fresh off of her victory over herself at the debate, her campaign let Palin out of the cage to rev up the fan base.

Only problem was that, according to an Associated Press analysis, the lady maverick made some “racially tinged” remarks about Barack Obama. Someone might want to inform Sarah that although comments like that may play well in Wasilla, here in Southern California we celebrate diversity along with divisional championships.

Now back to the other primate.

It was nice how she worked that into her coverage on the baseball playoffs, huh?


Meanwhile… Prominent Democrats are calling Sarah Palin racist for daring to attack Barack Obama.

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