Kool-Aid Drinking Goons Hold Children's March in Honor of Dear Leader (Video)

I wonder who impresses these Obamabot goons the most?

Is it his racist, anti-AmeriKKKan pastor of 20 years? Is it his close Jew-hating friends who he would often share dinner with? Is it the unreformed terrorist who helped him steer thousands of dollars to hate groups? Is it his scandal-plagued ACORN training? His negative wife?

Or, maybe, all of the above?

CO2Hog sent this video from the Obama youth march on Sunday:

Here’s another video of singing to Dear Leader.

Let’s face it. It’s a cult.

At least they had more people show up than the 250 who came out to see John Kerry stump for Obama in Wisconsin yesterday.


Another Youth March Scheduled Sunday For Dear Leader

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