Youth Voters & Undecideds Surge to John McCain!

The Youth Vote Is Surging To McCain–
Undecideds Are Also Leaning McCain

It ain’t over til its over!

Glenn McCoy

Young voters are now evenly divided among the two candidates.
Dick Morris reported:


A massive shift in younger and older voters is roiling the presidential race according to new data from the Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll concluded October 28-29. Younger voters — under 45 — once Obama’s base, now are evenly divided between the two candidates. But voters over 65 have shifted sharply to the Democrat in the past week.

Voters under 45 supported Obama by 52-38 in the Fox News poll of October 21-22. But this week’s survey indicates that they now break evenly with 45% supporting Obama and 46% backing McCain. On the other hand, voters 65 and over, who had backed Obama by 46-42 last week have now shifted decisively in his favor and he now leads McCain among seniors by 54-39. Middle aged voters — aged 45-64 — are largely unchanged in their views. Last week they backed Obama by 48-40 and this week they still support him by 48-43.

Overall, the Fox News survey shows McCain narrowing Obama’s lead from 49-40 (9 points) to 47-44 (3 points) over the past week.

Also… Undecideds are leaning towards McCain and have a +17 favorable view of Palin.

And, don’t forget about the Obama psy-ops game plan against conservatives.
Ace reported this from Hillbuz:

On a similar theme, HillBuzz reminds us of the psyops Axelrod tried against Hillary in the primaries and has planned for us in the next five days:

(1) Calls for McCain to just give up and quit, because the race is over.
[…](2) Wild claims of Obama winning states that shock and surprise you.
[…](3) Repeated insistence that blacks and young people will decide this election, and they are all going to vote in record numbers for Obama.

Rush Limbaugh has more on this Democratic strategy to suppress the enthusiasm of conservative voters.
Look at the many slanted polls that are top heavy on Democrats as more proof of this.

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