In Case Your Wondering… This Is Why Chris Matthews Won't Be Moderating the Debate Tomorrow

Sean Hannity called 2008 the end of American journalism.

Actually it started back in 2004 for Chris “Thrill Up My Leg” Matthews.

Here’s the entire collection of clips of Chris Matthews drooling over the Far Left senator from Chicago:

** Here’s the link if it will not play.

Any perceived likeness of appearance between Matthews and Wile E. Coyote is purely intentional. Hah!

Related… Pete Hegseth from Vets For Freedom is hoping that one of the audience members in tomorrow’s debate will ask some questions on the successful Bush Surge of troops in Iraq:

On October 7, the candidates will meet in Nashville for a townhall-style debate. Considering recent events in Iraq, and the importance of the surge in delivering the progress we have seen in Iraq, it would be only proper for moderator Tom Brokaw to ask the following questions:

** Has the surge strategy worked — militarily, and politically?

** Would either the United States or Iraq be better off today if we had not pursued the surge?

If neither Tom Brokaw nor a townhall participant thinks to ask, we hope Sen. McCain will challenge Sen. Obama — directly and persistently — on these questions. Sen. Obama owes the American people — including our valiant soldiers, who are winning the war in Iraq — an answer.

UPDATE: Sol Stern at The City Journal is begging the debate moderators to ask Obama more about his relationship with terrorist Bill Ayers.

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