HOUSE SHOCKER- Pelosi Bites Tongue–Focuses On National Crisis Not Bush …Update: Bailout Bill Passes

Pelosi bites tongue!
…Refrains from bashing Bush, God and Republicans in historic House bailout speech!

Well. After her disgraceful speech on Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at least refrained from a frothing- at-the-mouth Bush-bash today in promoting the bipartisan bailout bill.

Her actions on Monday contributed to a trillion dollar drop in the stock market.

Pelosi bragged today about the mental health provision and other pork that they jammed into the bailout package.
The provision would force insurance companies to cover mental health benefits. Won’t that cost insurance companies billions?
Shameful. That kinda takes away from the seriousness of what they call the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Doesn’t it?

Pelosi also claimed the liberal House will hold hearings (mock show trials) to get to the root of this crisis.
Not likely. Pelosi will never allow the truth pop up in any House investigation.

But, America knows who’s at fault:

Democrats in Congress. (Video via Instapundit)
Thank you– Worst. Congress. Ever.

UPDATE: Democrat Kirstin Powers on financial crisis– “Sarah Palin is the only one who gets it.”

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