Game Changer: 45% of American Households Watched Palin Thump Biden

Nielsen released its ratings for last night’s debate.
45% of American households watched Sarah Palin give Joe Biden a thumping:

The combined overall household rating for Thursday night’s vice presidential debate, in 55 of the 56 local television markets where Nielsen maintains electronic TV meters, was 45.0.

One rating point equals 1% of the total TV audience in a given market.

The Baltimore market had the largest TV audience, with a household rating of 59.1, while the Los Angeles market had the lowest household rating: 34.4.

And, get this…
Many of the top markets were in swing states:

Frank Luntz told the pundits to watch for the poll numbers to reflect the Palin’s huge win in a couple of days.

This is horrible news for the Obama Campaign.


UPDATE: The crowd at the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis last night knew who won the vice presidential debate.
The crowd greeted Sarah Palin like a Super Bowl Champion!

It was an amazing performance by the popular Alaska governor.

Here’s more on the Chaifetz Palin Rally.

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