Great turnout at the Los Angeles Times “Free the Tape” Protest today!

Mere Rhetoric has photos and video.
Good job!

More… The LA Times staffers were watching from the windows, smirking and laughing at the protesters.

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The LA Times is holding a video that shows Barack Obama celebrating with a group of Palestinians who are openly hostile towards Israel. Barack Obama even gives a toast to a former PLO operative at this celebration. If the American public saw this radical side of Barack Obama it is unlikely he would ever be elected president.
But, the media refuses to release this video.

Terrorist Bill Ayers— Barack Obama— Jew-hater Rashid Khalidi
There are also reports that terrorists Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were at the Jew-bash.

There was a protest today at the LA Times demanding that the news organization release the video they are holding of Barack Obama toasting a former PLO operative at a Jew-bash in Chicago.

Here is the announcement, via Michelle Malkin:

I just got word that there is a planned protest to try and force the LATimes to release the video of Obama/Rashid Khalidi. If people cannot physically attend the protest at the LATimes Headquarters building in downtown Los Angeles, they are encouraged to call the offices at (213) 237-5000, fax a request to release the video or complaint against their current stance to (213) 237-7679.

Your participation in this is of the highest priority to provide information to the voters in time to present a clear picture of the Democratic candidate’s coziness with individuals possessing extreme views in direct opposition to US foreign policies.

For more information, please go to the website of the organization leading the protest effort –

LA Times Headquarters
202 W. First St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
main phone 213-237-5000
fax 213-237-7679

And here is a petition you can sign demanding that the LA Times release its video.

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