Florida Student Arrested in Tribal Regions of Pakistan

A Florida student was arrested in the rugged Pakistan tribal regions today.
CNN reported:

A U.S. citizen was arrested on unspecified charges Monday in a rugged tribal area of Pakistan that borders Afghanistan and is forbidden to most foreigners, a Pakistani official said.

Jude (or Juddi) Kenan, a Florida college student, was arrested in Shabqadar, in the Charsadda district of the Mohmand Agency in North Waziristan, said Pakistan Police Station House Officer Qayum Khan.

Kenan was leaving the tribal areas through the Yakaghund police checkpoint when he was arrested, Khan said.

The only foreigners allowed in the district are those permitted by the Interior Ministry.

Authorities said Kenan had a U.S. passport as well as a camera, laptop and dagger. Kenan said he was in the region to meet “Habibullah,” the police official said.

Habibullah is a proper name in Afghanistan and is the name of an Afghan detainee who died in U.S. custody in 2002. The name means “God’s beloved” or “God’s favorite” in Arabic.

Bill Warner reported that a “Jude Kenan” was arrested just last month in Wake County, North Carolina:


COURT DATE: 09/22/08

FILE NUMBER ……08CR 730106



COMPLAINANT….SPEEDING 105 mph in a 55 mph

PLEA: …..VER: 22E9188

The Daily Times of Pakistan says Kenan looks Like an Afghan(?):


The arrested person’s name was not disclosed, but the sources said his facial features suggested he was of Afghan descent. “Documents recovered from his possession establish his American nationality, but he looks like an Afghan Hazara,” the officials said. “He has been moved to Peshawar for interrogation by a Joint Investigation Team,” they added.

UPDATE; Pakistani officials are now saying the American’s name was Jawad Ali and that his father drives a cab in Florida.
They say he was released.

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