Figures. Wikipedia Locks Up "Rashid Khalidi" Page Until After Election

Former PLO operative Rashid Khalidi is all over the news today for a party Barack Obama attended in his honor back in 2003.
…The same party where they were bashing Israel and Obama gave a toast to his dear friend Rashid.

So what’s a responsible internet encyclopedia of information site to do?
Well, Wikipedia just locked Rashid Khalidi’s page until after the election!

You could see this coming:

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From Wikipedia:

I’ve locked the article for a week; please work out issues here instead of back-and-forth reversions. If disputes are resolved before then, the article should be unlocked. Thank you. — Avi (talk) 18:47, 27 October 2008 (UTC)

Here’s a larger view:

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As they say on the Left and in the media…
No news on Obama and Rashid Khalidi is good news on Obama and Rashid Khalidi.

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