Elizabeth Hasselbeck Slams Media For "Sexist" Attacks On Palin (Video)

Hasselbeck Slams Media–

The View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Sean Hannity are stumping with Governor Sarah Palin today in Florida.

At a rally earlier today in Tampa Hasselbeck slammed the media for their sexist attacks on popular Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.
Hasselbeck also complemented Palin for the accessories she wears– like her flag pin:

Elizabeth Hasselback focused on women’s issues and her pro-life stance as reasons she supports Palin.

Despite Hasselbeck’s comments the mainstream media continues to attack the popular governor on her wardrobe. It’s funny how the media harps all day long about the super-secret racist attacks on Obama but ignore the blatant sexist attacks against Palin.
Media. Is. Dead.

Meanwhile… Top journalists are bringing their children with them to Obama rallies.

UPDATE: RightFighter has several pictures from the Kissimmee rally today.

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