DEMS OUTRAGED– Opposition Calls Them Terrorist Appeasers!

Virginia GOP Mailer Depicts Dems — And Obama? — As Appeasers Of Terrorists


Sorry… I’m not getting what all of the fuss is about?
Didn’t the Dems (and Obama) vote to cut-n-run from Iraq?… Like how many times?
Don’t they call our troops cold-blooded killers and compare them to Nazis?

Here’s a question— How many times can you vote to defund your military at war before you get labeled an appeaser? Is it 5- 10- 20 times?


And– Do you really think the terrorists in Gaza and Iran support your party because of your economic plan?

Sometimes the truth hurts.

UPDATE: Although it’s always a close call, lilnilhil wins the brainless and angry Obamatron troll of the day award:


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