Dem Rep. Throws Race Bomb– Says McCain & Palin Are Just Like Racist George Wallace …Update: Obama Camp Responds- Agrees McCain-Palin Are Hateful

More hope and change for America…
Once again, those stubborn Republicans just refuse to learn that when you attack The Messiah you will be called a racist in return.
Those Republicans are so unteachable.

Today, Rep. John Lewis compared the McCain-Palin Campaign to the campaign of noted racist and segregationist DEMOCRAT George Wallace back in the 1970’s.
The Politico reported:

Civil rights icon and Georgia congressman John Lewis is accusing John McCain and Sarah Palin of stoking hate, likening the atmosphere at Republican campaign events to those featuring George Wallace, the segregationist former governor of Alabama and presidential candidate. McCain’s campaign has responded with a statement in the candidate’s name, urging Barack Obama to repudiate Lewis’s comments.

“What I am seeing reminds me too much of another destructive period in American history,” Lewis said in a statement issued today for Politico’s Arena forum. “Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin are sowing the seeds of hatred and division, and there is no need for this hostility in our political discourse.”

Lewis didn’t accuse McCain of imitating Wallace, but suggested there were similarities.

“George Wallace never threw a bomb,” Lewis noted. “He never fired a gun, but he created the climate and the conditions that encouraged vicious attacks against innocent Americans who were simply trying to exercise their constitutional rights. Because of this atmosphere of hate, four little girls were killed on Sunday morning when a church was bombed in Birmingham, Alabama.”

Lewis’s sharp words may be dismissed as those of a partisan Democrat in a campaign season. But the former head of SNCC and hero of Selma is somebody who McCain has lavished praise upon over the years, including admiring him in a book on courage and bravery and repeatedly invoking Lewis’s name in public appearances.

Here’s some news for race baiter Lewis– Obama’s friend Bill Ayers never threw a bomb either.
But, he planted many.
Sorry, John. The only one stoking hate here is Lewis.


McCain later responded appropriately to this awful racist attack:

“Congressman John Lewis’ comments represent a character attack against Governor Sarah Palin and me that is shocking and beyond the pale,” McCain said. “The notion that legitimate criticism of Senator Obama’s record and positions could be compared to Governor George Wallace, his segregationist policies and the violence he provoked is unacceptable and has no place in this campaign.”

Update: The Obama Camp responded to Rep. Lewis’s racist attack and agreed that the McCain-Palin camp is hateful.
MSNBC reported:

“Senator Obama does not believe that John McCain or his policy criticism is in any way comparable to George Wallace or his segregationist policies. But John Lewis was right to condemn some of the hateful rhetoric that John McCain himself personally rebuked just last night, as well as the baseless and profoundly irresponsible charges from his own running mate that the Democratic nominee for President of the United States ‘pals around with terrorists.’

…Because we all know that Barack Obama never “palled around” with terrorists.
He just hung out with them, spoke on panels with them, worked for them and worked with them.

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