Joe Biden Supported Funding the Troops Before He –joined Obama and– Didn't Support the Troops (Video)

It’s not just popular Governor Sarah Palin
Senator Joe Biden also slammed the white-flag-waving Democrats for defunding the troops at war several times:

On Thursday, Governor Sarah Palin agreed with the Delaware Senator and slammed Barack Obama for cutting off funding for US troops at war:

You also said that Barack Obama was not ready to be commander in chief. And I know again that you opposed the move he made to try to cut off funding for the troops and I respect you for that. I don’t know how you can defend that position now but I know that you know especially with your son in the National Guard and I have great respect for your family also and the honor that you show our military. Barack Obama though, another story there. Anyone I think who can cut off funding for the troops after promising not to is another story.

Barack Obama has a horrible record of supporting the US military.
It wasn’t that long ago that Joe Biden agreed with the popular governor.
Here is what Senator Biden said at the Democratic CNN Youtube Debate:

Number three, the idea that we all voted — except for me — for that appropriation. That man’s son is dead. For all I know, it was an IED. Seventy percent of all the deaths occurred have been those roadside bombs. We have money in that bill to begin to build and send immediately mine-resistant vehicles that increase by 80 percent the likelihood none of your cadets will die, General. And they all voted against it.

How in good conscience can you vote not to send those vehicles over there as long as there’s one single, solitary troop there?

Senator Biden also made this point on Meet the Press with Tim Russert in September 2007:

Joe Biden: “And, look, Tim, if you tell me I’ve got to take away this protection for these kids in order to win the election, some things aren’t worth it. Some things are worth losing over. That would be worth losing over.

Hundreds of lives are being saved and will be saved by us sending these vehicles over which we are funding with this supplemental legislation. And I want to ask any of my other colleagues, would they, in fact, vote to cut off the money for those troops to protect them? That’s the right question. This isn’t cutting off the war. This is cutting off support that will save the lives of thousands of American troops.”

Joe Biden supported the US troops at war at all costs…
But, that was before he joined the antiwar Obama ticket.
With his son serving in Iraq today, it’s hard to understand how Biden can say he supports Obama’s record of defunding the troops.

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