Biden Bans Another TV Station After Tough Interview… Goon Squad Floods Station With Vicious Emails …Update: Goon Squad Unleashed On Barbara West

The Obama Camp Sent Out the Goon Squad Again–
Joe Biden had another difficult interview about Obama’s economic policy last week and he’s so upset he’s banning this station, too.
Biden actually said that he was upset because “he was expecting to talk about the Phillies” with the Pennsylvania channel!
(Sheesh… It must be really rough to be a Democrat in today’s corrupt media environment.)

After the interview the Obama goon squad flooded the station with emails for daring to question Biden on Obama’s plans to redistribute wealth.
Someone pinch me… Is this the US or some tinpot dictatorship?

Here’s the tough interview, via Breitbart TV:

Bummer about those baseball questions… Huh, Joe?


At least they didn’t twist some article and call him “incompetent, stupid, unqualified, and corrupt” like the normal Sarah Palin interview.
Biden’s interview was nothing compared to what Sarah Palin must go through daily.

Related… John Boehner attacked Obama today for their spread the wealth agenda:

“As disturbing as Barack Obama’s comments about ‘redistribution of wealth’ are, what’s worse is that seven years later his rhetoric is the same,” Boehner said Monday in a statement.

“Obama still wants to ‘redistribute’ our tax dollars and ‘spread the wealth around,’ giving money to people who don’t pay taxes rather than growing our economy for everybody.”

UPDATE: The Obama Goon Squad was ordered to take down Barbara West at WFTV in Orlando–
Mere Rhetoric posted the goon squad action alert.

UPDATE 2: The Anchoress has the latest from Tito the Builder on Obama’s plans to punish the productive.

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