ANGRY LEFT Protest C*nt Sarah Palin in Philly

This is how the angry Left greeted Sarah Palin in Philadelphia this weekend…
Including “lots of Obama supporters”:

Via philly protests palin at Flickr: Sarah Palin, the Killa from Wasilla herself, showed up in Philly. ACT-UP/Philadelphia, UPenn SDS and lots of Obama supporters were there to greet her.

Another one

Welcome to Philly!

Back to Alaska.


Now who has the sick, deranged angry supporters?
Don’t look for the Obamedia to carry this.
Jim Treacher has more.

More photos here.

And, this was posted at Philly Indymedia where they have video of the Palin haters chanting–
O-Ba-Ma… O-Ba-Ma… O-Ba-Ma!


Gee, mainstream media… Ya think you could write something about the awful sexist attacks against Sarah Palin sometime?

Talk About Angry Thugs… Philly Leftists Boo Sarah Palin & Her 6 Year-Old Little Girl!
Libs Threaten to Beat & Kill Sarah Palin… Media Silent

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