American Values Voter Organization Releases Anti-Obama Video …Update: Lib Group Wants Bishop Punished

This video was created for the tens of millions of conservative Evangelicals, Catholics, Jews and all other values voters in America.
We are over 100 million strong.

This is a reminder of what you will be voting for on November 4th.
What is important…

Remember this video:

Some things are more important than high gas prices or a faltering economy. They are life, family, marriage and faith. This November, Christians will have one vote to change the world.
Vote your values!

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Barack Obama is the “most committed” abortion-rights candidate in the past 35 years.
He has voted 4 votes in support of infanticide.
How can we allow a man who denies the human rights of helpless babies sit in the Oval Office and lead our nation?

Bishop Gracida of Corpus Christi has announced that faithful Catholic citizens cannot in good conscience vote for Back Obama.
The Bishop recently made two radio ads– one in English and one in Spanish urging Catholics to not vote for the radical Obama.

Radical Barack Obama and a Far Left Congress would change this great nation forever.
Don’t let it happen.
Hat Tip to Allen R. and Doug Riggs

UPDATE: Allen sends this advice to John McCain:

While Mccain has dodged the social issues in Left leaning California both statewide initiatives to require parental notification before a minor gets an abortion and for traditional marriage are probably going to pass even though they are opposed by Hollywood, the Governor, the media, etc. A majority of voters: White, Black, Asian, and Hispanic support these values.

They should send Palin out to endorse both measures. This would show a crucial difference between Barack Obama and John McCain.

UPDATE 2: Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a radical Leftist group whose goal is to wipe out Christianity and Judaism from American society, has demanded an investigation against a Catholic bishop in New Jersey for speaking out against Obama and his gruesome record on abortion and infanticide.
Look for more of religious persecution if Obama and the Far Left win in November.

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