Amazing New Audio Surfaces… Ayers Says Everyone In His Office Knew He Was Terrorist-Marxist

Barack Obama Lied About His Relationship With Bill Ayers.

Barack Obama said during his ABC primary debate with Hillary Clinton that Bill Ayers was “just some guy in his neighborhood.”

However, this weekend it was discovered that Barack Obama, terrorist Bill Ayers and Maoist hardliner Mike Klonsky worked together in the same office building on the same floor for several years.
And, it wasn’t that big of a building:

Here’s a photo of the building at 115 South Sangamon in Chicago, Illinois where Obama and Ayers worked together on the third floor for several years.


Not only did Obama lie about his relationship with Bill Ayers, he also was not honest about what he knew about Bill Ayers.

In this amazing new video, Bill Ayers says in 2002 that everyone he worked with knew he was a radical Marxist- that he didn’t hide anything:

Also, from the video you can tell that the former underground terrorist is still a raging anti-Semitic radical and completely nuts.

The phony Obama “Fight the Smears” website says that they “have encountered each other occasionally in public life or in the neighborhood.”

Wrong. The two men shared an office and Obama knew very well who he was associating with:

** he knew who he was directing thousands of dollars of donations to,
** he knew whose living room he was in when he kicked off his political career,
** he knew who was sitting with him on panels,
** he knew who was on his floor at the University of Chicago,
** he knew whose book he was writing a blurb on, etc.

This is just more evidence that Marxisant radical Barack Obama is not telling the truth about his mysterious and extremist past.

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