Woah! McCain-Palin Supporter Chews Out Media in PA! (Video)

John McCain spoke in Scranton, Pennsylvania this morning.
Pamela of the Poconos relayed this news on the Maverick’s townhall meeting:

McCain in Scranton PA: The third question he took was from a well-spoken woman who first thanked McCain for picking Gov. Palin. Then she turned to the rear of the room (where the press are located) and called out shame upon you for your attack of Palin. She followed up this comment by asking where are the 30 investigators into Ayers.

A wonderful moment; hope there’s a video that can be posted everywhere.

BTW: McCain said Palin is tough enough to stand up to what she’s been facing.

Here’s the video, via The Patriot Room:

The Times-Tribune has more on the incident:


11:03 a.m.

When asked about health care, Sen. McCain said the federal government must establish health care programs for people with chronic or preexisting conditions. A member of the audience chastised the media, saying “Shame on all of you,” referring to coverage of the pregnancy of Gov. Palin’s 17-year-old daughter, Bristol.

Let’s hope there’s video to come.

Funny… Just today the media was whining that they were not able to interview Governor Palin and distort her words or try to embarrass her.

The latest poll has McCain-Palin and Obama tied up in Pennsylvania.

The Anchoress has more on the media scolding.

Related… The McCain Camp lashed out at The New York Times yesterday calling the organization is “today not by any standard a journalistic organization.”

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