Vote Or Die– Far Left Obama Supporter Declares Race War

Enlightened Obama supporter Fatima Ali has no idea how much traffic the Drudge Report racks up. (It’s posted on the right side of the front page.) She has no idea about the historic US unemployment figures. She also has no idea that her hate speech is not helping her candidate Barack Obama…

But, this doesn’t stop her from calling a race war in America.
Today, at Far Left Obama supporter Fatima Ali is back on the attack:

AT LEAST 2 million readers visit daily, and, for the last two weeks, it seemed like most of them were steamed at me.
Thousands of hostile messages flooded my e-mail after my Sept. 2 column that the Daily News called “We Need Obama, Not 4 More Years of George Bush.”

Drudge cleverly headlined it: “Philadelphia columnist warns if McCain wins, look for a full-fledged race war.”

I stand by the column – but after all of that backlash, I realize I was dead wrong. We don’t have to wait until after the election for a race war. We’re in one now…

DECADES after Brown v. Board, after a long civil-rights struggle and the fact that we live in an increasingly multicultural society, our nation’s sagging economic state is also causing great racial strife among those who are financially at the bottom.

In some neighborhoods in L.A., violence is rampant between blacks and Mexicans. Gang wars are frequent, and, the LAPD says, are based on race and competition for jobs. In Philadelphia, police believe several recent robberies and murders of shop owners were directly related to race.

No, we’re not anywhere near “post-racial” times. If we were, the possibility that a black man may well become our next president wouldn’t matter. And two words out of 775 in my original column would not have unleashed the kind of hatred that makes me want to retreat to a bunker. *

It would probably help her candidate if she did hide in a bunker.
But, this is probably lost on Fatimah as well.

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