Veterans Urge Obama to Finally Tell the Truth About the Surge

“I am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in Iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence there in fact I think it will do the reverse.”

Senator Barack Obama
Wrong on Iraq
Wrong on his most important Senate Decision
January, 2007

Barack Obama was wrong about the surge:

Barack Obama said the surge would never work no matter how many troops were sent to Iraq.
He voted against it.
He said it was not working.
He said it was not working enough.
He gave credit to Iran and the Sunnis in Anbar for its success.
He then lied about his opposition to the surge.
Then he came around and said it has succeeded better than anyone ever expected.
…But, it still wasn’t working good enough.

Of course, the media has given him a pass all along the way.


If Barack Obama had his way Iraq would be a failed state today with Al-Qaeda and Iran in control.
If Barack Obama had his way Iraq would be a disaster, our troops would be defeated, the Mideast would be in turmoil, and our country and world would be less safe.

Instead, today Iraq is a great success.
Vets For Freedom today urged the candidates to tell the truth about the successful surge in Iraq.

Link: National security v4

Why is this so hard to admit for Barack Obama?
Why can’t he give our country and troops credit for their outstanding work in Iraq?

Related… Yesterday, the Iraqi government unanimously voted on the provincial council elections law.
This was another successful milestone for the young democracy of Iraq.

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