1,000's Of US Flags Trashed At Obama's Invesco Event Will Be Used At GOP Event (Video) …Update: Dems Claim Flags Were Stolen …Update: GOP Proof

One Party’s Trash Is Another Party’s Treasure…

Republicans at the McCain-Palin event in Colorado will be given US flags that were trashed by Democrats after the Obamapalooza at Invesco Field.
The flags were rescued by local boy scouts after the Obama gig.

FOX News reported:

FOX News has more on the latest patriotic gesture by the Far Left.
Please- Don’t question their patriotism.


A True Obamanation has more on the trashed US flags.

Ace has more on the democrats love for Old Glory.

UPDATE: Another weak response from the Obama Camp–
The Obama say the trashed flags were stolen!
Puh-lease!… Stolen from the trash cans?

UPDATE 2: Here’s the proof A photo of flags in the trash after the DNC Convention:

Sorry, Democrats– There’s more photos of the Democratic trash here.
More photos are here, via Doctor Bulldog.

Here’s another photo of the Democrat’s trash:

Via The Denver Post.

UPDATE 4: Via HotAir David Harsanyi at the Denver Post:

“The flags were there for a week and a day and no one came looking for them.”

How sad.
Not only did the Obama Camp trash the US flags.
They lied about it.

The American Thinker has more on the Democrats poor attempt to redeem themselves.
Hat Tip Larwyn

UPDATE 5: Planet Gore hesitates to let the democrats off the hook so easily:

Actually, as the excerpt at the top of this post suggests, yes, Democrats can be expected to go through the trash because Democrats said they were going to sort their trash from the convention. But, yes, anyone who threw their flags away should know better.

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