Ruh-Roh… Arch Bishop Calls Pelosi In For Chat About Communion

She’s got a 0% rating from the National Right to Life Committee.
She’s never voted against any type of abortion no matter how gruesome.
She insists she is a Catholic although this legislates against church doctrine.
Then she had the gall to make up her own church rules in an interview last month.
Now the arch-Bishop wants to have a talk with Speaker Pelosi.
It’s about time.
The Hill reported:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has accepted an invitation from San Francisco’s archbishop to discuss whether she should continue to receive communion at the Catholic Church in the wake of comments she made about abortion.

San Francisco Archbishop George H. Niederauer said he had received letters and e-mails from “many Catholics” expressing dismay over Pelosi’s remarks, in which she said the matter of when life begins remained controversial within the church. He said many of them questioned whether she should be able to receive communion from the church.

Pelosi made the remarks in an Aug. 24 interview with “Meet the Press” host Tom Brokaw after Brokaw said that the Catholic Church believes strongly that life begins at conception.

Her comments have been criticized by several Catholic Church officials, and Niederauer described them as being “in serious conflict” with the church in the Sept. 5 issue of Catholic San Francisco.

Niederauer concludes that, based on Catholic Church statements, it is up to him as Pelosi’s pastor to address whether she may continue to receive communion. He then invites the Speaker “into a conversation with me about these matters.”

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