PUMA Power: Another Hillary Supporter Vows to Fight For McCain

Another Day… Another Hillary Supporter For McCain.

Last night in Michigan another PUMA vowed to support John McCain and Sarah Palin.
The Politico reported:

Amie Parnes reports from a Grand Rapids McCain-Palin joint town hall, the first time they’ve taken questions together.

Included among the ticketed guests: A female supporter of Hillary Clinton.

“The Republican Party has welcomed me with open arms,” she said, as someone in the crowd screamed “We love you!”

“I’m fighting hard for your campaign,” she said. “There are millions of us out there who are connected and we’re getting out the vote for you. When the mainstream media says Hillary supporters are not going to vote for McCain, I tell them they are wrong. We appreciate your campaign reaching out to women.”

The Patriot Room links to the video of the full town hall meeting.

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