Ouch!… Palin Slams Obama On His Ridiculous Surge Stands

Well, it only too “The One” one year to admit the surge was a great success after the facts were known.

Maybe he should have listened to General Petraeus and John McCain a year ago when the general came to Congress and sat down to tell him about it. Instead, Obama was bashing the troops progress in Iraq, over and over, until he finally admitted last night on The O’Reilly Factor that the there was indeed a very successful turnaround in Iraq under George Bush and General Petraeus.
How presidential.

Experienced Governor Palin blasted him on his surge stands today:

Poor Obama- There’s a new rockstar in town.


More… A US Soldier sends Obama a message on a mission promoting freedom– not a mistake:

“When you call the Iraqi War a mistake, you disregard the service and the sacrifice of everyone who’s died promoting freedom.”

Don’t miss the end of the video!!
Hat Tip Bill Nelson

UPDATE: SGT K serving in Taji, Iraq adds this comment:

I’m a US Army soldier currently in Iraq and work with Sahwa (arabic for Awakening) leaders every day. While the Sahwa movement is a huge reason for the situation we see today in Iraq, it was only made possible with the financial backing and encouragement of Coalition Forces. By far, however, the largest factor in the spread of the Sahwa movement from the Anbar Province was the bolstered confidence that they received when it became clear, through the surge, that we weren’t going to leave and were “doubling down” on our efforts to win this damn thing. The insurgency in Iraq has always been a function of confidence in one side or the other. It’s easy to control a village with a few of the bad guys if the regular folks there think that no one is there to help them or that the help will leave before the bad guys are defeated. However, once the good guys realize that they outnumber the bad ones by quite a bit and can count on the assistance of a big power, i.e. US Forces, suddenly the bad guys don’t seem so all-powerful, and when it comes right down to it, quite weak. Overall, the turn around had many fathers (increased troops, new counter-insurgency strategy, pushing troops out into villages and cities through the use of FOBs and COPs, engaging the tribal leaders, fostering the Sahwa movement, etc, etc), but the biggest thing we did was say to our enemies that we weren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and more importantly, we said to our friends, that we weren’t going to leave them twisting in the wind if they were ready to fight for their future, their country. We did that with the surge.

Thanks SGT K.
And, thanks for all you do for your country.

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