Obama Met With Top Code Pink Donor In June– The Same Woman Who Stormed the Stage During Palin's Talk On Wednesday

Thanks to BG for pointing out this video confession.
In June, Barack Obama held a Hollywood fundraiser.

Free Republic reported on the event.
At the event he met and talked with mega-donor and Top 500 Bundler and Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans. Medea Banjamin in the linked video talks about the meeting:

“Last night Code Pink Co-Founder Jody Evans was at a Hollywood Bash for Barack Obama and it was pretty interesting because uh there was uh Jody going up to get her picture taken with Barack Obama and I don’t know if you seen it but some of these right wing groups are trying to say that Barack Obama is really a Communist because he gets money from people like Jody Evans(and Communist William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn). So, Jody went up to shake his hand and the first thing he said to her without her saying anything is “I know you Jody and Code Pink and I know that you want me to end this war and bring all the troops home and I’m going to do that.”

Thanks Joshua!
That was two months ago, but on Wednesday…

Evans tried to storm the stage during Governor Palin’s speech on Wednesday in Minneapolis! Evans stole the identity of Indiana delegate Annie Eckrich to gain access inside the Xcel Center.

Here is Jodie Evans with fellow disgraced Marxist Jane Fonda- Free Republic.


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