Obama Goon Squad Prosecutor Speaks– Defends Tactics

The prosecutor is busted…
Jennifer Joyce– Obama Supporter- Truth Squad Member- Liar

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce— Threatening the people of Missouri and proud of it.

Here’s the statement Joyce sent to the St. Louis Post Dispatch defending her leadership leadership role in the Missouri “Obama Truth Squad”:

As a citizen, I believe that elections should be about issues. I also have enormous respect for our First Amendment and freedom of speech. My sole purpose in participating in this initiative is about getting truthful information to the voters. This has never been or never will be about prosecuting people.

Clearly there are those who are attempting to twist the purpose of this initiative for their own benefit. This attack is a great example of how the truth is distorted in campaigns and what we’re trying to stand up against.

Well said, Comrade Joyce. Now, Joyce is playing like she is the victim.


But, that isn’t what Joyce told KMOV News Channel 4 in St. Louis last week.
Here is the video on Joyce and the Obama Truth Squads (the video is still playing at KMOV):

Here is the transcript from the News Channel 4 segment on the Obama Truth Squad.
Clearly, Joyce is not being honest in her St. Louis Post Dispatch response:

Prosecutors and sheriffs from across Missouri are joining something called the “Barack Obama Truth Squads.” Two high profile prosecutors are part of the team. We met them earlier this afternoon at the Central West End. They are Jennifer Joyce from the City and Bob McCulloch the St. Louis County Prosecutor. They will be reminding voters that Barack Obama is Christian and wants to cut taxes for anyone making less than $250,000 a year. (In the US Senate Far Left Obama voted for increasing taxes on individuals earning as little as $31,850.) They also say they plan to respond immediately to any ads and statements that violate Missouri ethics laws.

Jennifer Joyce: “We want to keep this campaign focused on issues. We don’t want people to get distracted and Missourians don’t want to be distracted by these devisive character attacks. So we’re here to respond to any character attacks to set the record straight.

Bob McCulloch: “Whether it is directly attributable to the campaign or to one of the soft money operations. If they’re not going to tell the truth then someones got to step up and say, ‘Hey, wait a minute. That’s not true. This is the truth.’ ”

Now the Obama Campaign tells News 4 that others, prosecutors and sheriffs are also part of this team including some from the Kansas City area and from rural parts of Missouri. We’re also told the “Truth Squad” is expected to include Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer.”

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin is hosting an Obama-Goon Squad Logo Contest.
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Neocon Express has more thoughts on this abuse of power by the Missouri prosecutors.

UPDATE 2: Drudge Report has the story back up and the response from Governor Blunt.

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