Now We Know What Happened to Al-Qaeda's 9-11 Message…

Hackers prevented Al-Qaeda from posting its annual 9-11 message this year!
The terrorist killers tried to post their message to the world but a group of internet hackers shut them down.

And, we were so looking forward to these killers lecturing us again this year.

** Actually the hackers were Rusty Shackleford and Internet HaganahCongrats!

The Hindustan Times reported:


Hackers prevented Al Qaeda from releasing a videotape to mark the seventh anniversary of 9/11. Al Qaeda has traditionally issued a video or audiotape by either Osama bin Laden or Ayman al Zawahiri, the terror network’s two leaders, to mark their massive terrorist attack on the US.

As-Sahab, Al Qaeda’s media unit, had indicated earlier this week that it would post such a videotape on September 11. As-Sahab had banner images on the internet showing a silhouetted head with a question mark and the words, “Wait 11 September”.

The US-based intelligence group IntelCenter had speculated the video would be a message from Osama or Zawahiri with a recording of the last will and testament of Mohammed Atta, one of the leaders of the 9/11 attackers.

Sources close to US intelligence said, “Hackers knocked out Al Qaeda’s online means of communication, thus preventing them from posting anything to commemorate the anniversary.”

Western intelligence suspects two hackers who have targeted Islamicist sites before were responsible: Aaron Weisburd from Internet Haganah and Rusty Shackleford from the web group My Pet Jawa.

I was wondering what happened to Al-Qaeda this year.

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