O'Reilly Website Hacked!… Leftists Post Info on Premium Members


Leftist hackers broke into Bill O’Reilly’s website and posted information on his premium members at the Wikileaks website.

The criminals were upset with the way O’Relly reported on the Sarah Palin “hacker” attack.
Computer World reported:

Just days after publishing U.S. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s personal email messages, the Wikileaks Web site has published data about members who signed up for a section of Fox Television host Bill O’Reilly’s Web site.

Hackers were able to obtain a list of Billoreilly.com premium members, including email addresses, site passwords and the city and state where they live. Some of the information was published Friday on Wikileaks.com, which has been under fire from conservative commentators, including O’Reilly, for publishing Palin’s messages.

“Wikileaks has been informed the hack was a response to the pundit’s recent scurrilous attacks over the Sarah Palin’s email story — including on Wikileaks and other members of the press,” Wikileaks said on its site. “Hacktivists, thumbing their noses at the pundit, took control of O’Reilly’s main site, Billoreilly.com.”

Premium members pay US$49.95 per year to access special content on the Web site, including discussion boards. Operators of Billoreilly.com could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon, and IDG News Service could not immediately confirm whether the list was legitimate.

A link to the full membership list has been published on a little-known political discussion Web site, which reported that rather than seizing control of O’Reilly’s site, hackers were able to get the information from an unencrypted Web page that did not require a login. The list includes information about 205 people who signed into the O’Reilly site during the previous 72-hour period.

Earlier this week, O’Reilly, host of the TV show “The O’Reilly Factor,” had accusedsites such as Wikileaks of “trafficking in stolen merchandise.”

The Register has more on the attack.


There were reports earlier that the O’Reilly website had been hacked.
They were correct.

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