MORE TRASH PHOTOS From Invesco Field

Democrats said they were going to go through the trash at their convention.
They promised to reuse, recycle or compost at least 85% of all waste generated during the convention.

Obviously, these flags fell into that 15% category:

So did these:

But, they weren’t the only American flags that were trashed.


Here are some more flags that were thrown away at the Obamapalooza:

These weren’t the little flags they were handing out to the audience.

KTAR reported on the flags he saw trashed by the Democrats during the convention.
KTAR has the story:

As Ankarlo was entering a hallway at Invesco field on the night of Barack Obama’s speech he saw several flags in a piles of trash on the floor. Ankarlo, the father of a US Marine Corporal who served in Fallujah, Iraq, grabbed his camera and walked over to take a picture of the disrespected flags. An employee with the democratic party quickly ran over and tried to cover them with another trash bag. As his shutter snapped, Ankarlo looked at the group of employees and said, “If you would take care of our US flag I wouldn’t have to do this now would I?!”

The man responded, “What? Are you an F—ing conservative or something? Do you work for Fox News?”

Ankarlo did not reply, choosing to walk away–since this final night of the democratic convention had more than its share of constituents running around with peace symbols on their shirts, hats and signs. Assuming the conservative broadcaster was out of earshot, the employee angrily snapped, “F—ing conservative A–hole” all because the Arizona citizen wanted a little honor given to a flag that means so much to so many.

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