MORE CODE PINK IDENTITY THEFT!… Activists Steal C-SPAN & Christian Radio Network Credentials



On Wednesday, September 3, 2008, as Governor Sarah Palin took the stage in Minneapolis, the two co-founders of Code Pink, a Marxist anti-American antiwar group, Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans rushed the stage to interrupt her speech.

Jodie Evans is one of the top Obama Bundlers and has raised nearly $100,000 for her candidate. She last met with Obama in June.

Code Pink co-founders Jodie Evans (left) and Medea Benjamin try to storm the stage on Governor Sarah Palin at the RNC in St. Paul. (S&L)

Kristinn at Free Republic and Jefferson County Journal reported the latest:

Janet Engelbach and her husband George know how to spot an impostor.

The Engelbachs, Hillsboro residents who were in St. Paul, Minn., last week for the Republican National Convention, spotted a young woman Tuesday from Code Pink outside the venue giving an interview to a reporter from

Englebach said the woman was sporting a media credential with the name of St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Jo Mannies.”George said, ‘Did you notice that woman had on a Jo Mannies tag?'” Engelbach said. “I got really mad. I know Jo Mannies and that wasn’t Jo Mannies. I went up to the cameraman and told him ‘This isn’t Jo Mannies.’ He didn’t seem to care so I leaned in to the man holding the mike and said, ‘She’s not Jo Mannies.'”

Code Pink protestor Rae Abileah used a bogus media credential to enter and disrupt a pro-life event. St. Louis Post-Dipatch reporter, Jo Mannies, did not give the radical activist permission to use her ID.

Engelbach said the Code Pink protestor hurriedly ripped the name tag off herself and tried to hide it.

“I told her it didn’t help to hide the name tag because she was already on camera,” Engelbach said. “I said, ‘She’s a fraud! This whole interview is a fraud.'”

Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans said the woman didn’t intentionally misidentify herself to the media.

“She could have had (Mannies’) credentials, but it didn’t have a name on it,” she said. “The media have a lot of different credentials.”

Evans said the people who hand out the identification tags often just re-use ones given back to them from other media.

“I got in with a C-SPAN pass the night before and C-SPAN didn’t know it,” she said.

Engelbach said the woman was definitely wearing a pass that belonged to Mannies.

Annie Eckrich, an alternate delegate at the RNC in St. Paul, was also the victim of Code Pink identity fraud.
Click on the photo to hear her story:

Kristinn goes on to report on an interview that Medea Benjamin had with the Contra Times during the DNC Convention in Denver:

The Contra Costa Times published an article and a videotaped interview during the Democrats’ convention showing Medea Benjamin claiming to have press credentials for the convention to report for the Christian Broadcasting System. Benjamin mocked the network, saying of her ‘reports’, “First they go first to God, then to CBS.”

Jon Yinger, owner and president of the Michigan-based Christian radio network filed a report with the Denver police alerting them to Benjamin’s fraudlent use of his company’s name. Yinger says that there was no response from the police after his initial contact with them. The reporter whom Benjamin spoke to about the press pass contacted Yinger once, but has not followed up with him either.

As far as can be known by press reports, the Obama campaign has not been asked to comment on the behavior of one the campaign’s top fundraisers committing identity theft and attempting to storm the stage during Palin’s speech, nor has the campaign issued any statement of its own volition.

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