MORE CODE PINK ID THEFT!!… St. Louis Reporter Also Victim Of Stolen Identity!


Yesterday, we discovered that Code Pink co-founder and Top Obama fund-raiser, Jodie Evans, used the ID of a Republican delegate to help her get inside the Xcel Center where she tried to storm the stage during the Sarah Palin speech.

The Indiana delegate went on record saying that she did not give the antiwar Marxist group permission to use her identity. ** Audio Here**


Today there is a report of another Code Pink ID theft.

Code Pink protestor Rae Abileah used a bogus media credential to enter and disrupt a pro-life event. St. Louis Post-Dipatch reporter, Jo Mannies, did not give the radical activist permission to use her ID. Also, Code Pink must have made the credentials themselves since Mannies said she was never given an ID name badge during the week.

At a Right to Life event held during the RNC Convention another Code Pink activist stole the identification of a St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer to get into the venue!
The Code Pink radical then sceamed and tried to shut down the Right to Life event.
CNS News reported:

A Code Pink protestor, who identified herself to as Rae Abileah, used a media credential to disrupt a pro-life event held here this week during the Republican National Convention.

In an on-camera interview with, Abileah, who was wearing a badge identifying her as “Jo Mannies, St. Louis Post-Dispatch,” said someone gave her a media credential to get into the event, which was sponsored by the Republican National Coalition for Life.

CNS posted video of the interview with the Code Pink activist who used the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writer’s identity at the pro-Life event:

Unidentified woman (Janet Engelbach): You’re not Jo Mannies. [Then to] She’s got a Jo Mannies badge on.

Abileah: Someone gave me this to go inside.

Unidentified woman (Janet Engelbach): Jo Mannies is a reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. From the state of Missouri. And you’re not Jo Mannies.

Abileah: Someone gave me it from a media outlet.

Jo Mannies wrote more about the identity theft in an article at the Post-Dispatch website.
Thanks Brian!

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