McCain Pulls Ahead or Breaks Even in 5 Swing States

John McCain now holds an advantage over Barack Obama in Colorado, Florida, and Ohio and is tied with the most liberal senator in Pennsylvania and Virginia.
FOX News reported:

Polling in five key battleground states shows John McCain and Barack Obama neck-and-neck with seven weeks left until Election Day.

McCain holds a slight advantage over Obama in Colorado, Florida, and Ohio, while the candidates are tied in Pennsylvania and Virginia. In only one state — Florida — does the gap between McCain and Obama exceed three percentage points in polls with a four-and-a-half percentage point margin of sampling error…

The biggest change is in Colorado, where McCain now leads by 48 percent to Obama’s 46 percent. Just a week ago, Obama had a three-point edge in this western state. The current results are similar to the Rasmussen Reports Colorado polling conducted in Aug., just before the Democratic convention.

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