McCain Gains 2 Points On Obama in First Poll Following Debate

Not only did Barack Obama flip flop on seven issues, and misrepresent former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger during the debate on Friday with Senator John McCain but he didn’t do as well as his lackeys in the media reported.

John McCain jumped 2 points in the Gallup Poll today in the first poll since his debate with Barack Obama.

Barack Obama continues to hold a significant lead over John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking, 49% to 43%.

This is based on interviewing conducted Sept. 27-29, spanning an intense period of negotiations over an historical financial recovery package in Congress on Friday and Saturday, news of a tentative agreement on the package on Sunday, and then collapse of the bill when it came to the House floor on Monday. It also represents the first report including three full days of tracking following Friday night’s presidential debate.

This is amazing!
Considering the threats on the economy and partisan attacks on Senator McCain for his decision to help Congress through this enormous crisis, it is astonishing that he has already gained two points on Obama.
This can’t be a good sign for democrats.


Also… The WaPo has McCain down by 4… 50-46.
Last week the WaPo had Obama up by 9.

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