Liberal Media & Democrats Slander Palin As Jew-Hater— Forget Obama's Links to PLO Operatives & Sympathy For Hamas

The Democrats have discovered that if they can’t find anything bad to say about Governor Sarah Palin that they will just make things up.
Today, the Democrats and their media are slandering Palin as a Jew-hater!!
Governor Palin is interviewed in her office in Alaska.
Notice the flags in the background.

Robert Wexler, the Florida representative not residing in Florida, slandered Sarah Palin this week saying she supported Pat Buchanan in the 2000 election because she wore a Pat Buchanan pin one day.
Palin supported Steve Forbes in that election.
FOX News reported:

It seems the selection of Sarah Palin has enraged some on the left. Congressman Robert Wexler, who is co-chairman of Barack Obama’s Florida campaign, accused Governor Palin of supporting Pat Buchanan in the 2000 Alaska primary.

The Politico newspaper reports that Wexler then asserted that Palin had “aligned herself with a leading anti-Israel voice in American politics.” He also invoked the name of Adolf Hitler and the phrase “Nazi sympathizer.”

But a statement on John McCain’s Web site says Palin actually worked for the Steve Forbes campaign in 2000.

Liberal Ben Smith says because she is an devout Christian she must be against Jews.

Meanwhile… The media never did quite get around to report on Barack Obama’s association with former PLO operative and close friend of many years- Rashid Khalidi.
Here– Obama is confronted on his association with this Jew-hater in Florida:

Obama minimized his close association with the former PLO operative even though his family used to share meals frequently with the Khalidis.

Then there is Obama’s Jew-hating terrorist-supporting church of 20 years; Something the liberal media is yet to report on:

Barack Obama says that he is not an appeaser.
But, in the same breath, Barack Obama believes that we need to address the “legitimate claims” of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Barack Obama’s church of 20 years, however, is more direct with their support for Hamas and Hezbollah.

In the July 22, 2007, Trinity United Church of Christ bulletin, Jeremiah Wright reprinted an article by Mousa Abu Marzook, identified in the newsletter as a “deputy of the political bureau of Hamas.” Marzook is a senior member of Hamas living in Syria.
Obama’s church published an article by a senior member of Hamas.

BizzyBlog posted the newsletter:

Click to Enlarge

World Net Daily reported on this:

Marzook’s original piece was titled, “Hamas’ stand” but was re-titled “A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle” by Obama’s church newsletter. The newsletter also referred to Hamas as the “Islamic Resistance Movement,” and added in its introduction that Marzook was addressing Hamas’ goals for “all of Palestine.”

In the manifesto, Marzook refers to Hamas’ “resistance” – the group’s perpetuation of anti-Israel terrorism targeting civilians – as “legal resistance,” which, he argues, is “explicitly supported by the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

The Convention, which refers to the rights of people living under occupation, does not support suicide bombings or rocket attacks against civilian population centers, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America noted.

Marzook refers to Hamas’ official charter as “an essentially revolutionary document” and compares the violent creed to the Declaration of Independence, which, Marzook states, “simply did not countenance any such status for the 700,000 African slaves at that time.”

Tom Blumer reported that this article in the Trinity newsletter caused a huge uproar when it was first published in the LA Times.

And… Barack Obama’s church of 20 years supported Hezbollah during the 34 Day War.
Sweetness and Light found this pro-Hezbollah article in the July 30, 2006 edition of The Trumpet Magazine:

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Here is the transcript:

U.S. Must Stop Middle East Violence

The escalating Middle East violence and the continued bombing of Lebanon and Gaza is threatening regional stability. Though appeals have gone out from the religious community for the United States and other world leaders to intervene diplomatically, as of Wednesday when the TUCC bulletin is published, the U.S. refuses to call for a cease-fire. Instead, the U.S. is increasing arms shipments to Israel and Congress has passed resolutions declaring unconditional support for Israel’s devastating military campaigns.

Hezbollah’s opportunistic raid that captured Israeli soldiers and rocket attacks on Israel have been nearly universally condemned. However, the excessive force with which Israel is responding goes far beyond de

fense against Hezbollah and promises to destroy most of what has been rebuilt in Lebanon since its civil war 15 years ago. The disproportionate attack on Lebanon may backfire, strengthening Hezbollah,increasing sectarian strife, and weakening Lebanon’s democracy and security.

As Israeli troops drive further into southern Lebanon and the bombings continue, the U.S. State Department needs to shift direction radically and President Bush should call for an immediate cease-fire to stop the growing loss of civilian lives in Lebanon. In 14 days thus far, over 400 Lebanese and 54 Israelis have been killed. The critical humanitarian needs worsen every day.

It is urgent that Trinity members, visitors and videostream “members” contact their members of Congress and President Bush and ask them to work proactively, especially with the Israeli government, to restrain the use of military force and to reach a negotiated cease-fire in Lebanon and Gaza. Weakening Lebanon and threatening regional stability are against U.S. interests. Only U.S. cooperation in renewing comprehensive negotiations will bring a fair peace and lasting security to Israel and the region.

Click to send a message to the President and the Congress asking for their judicious diplomatic intervention in the region. You may also call the White House comment line at 202-456-1111.

Pastor Jeremiah A Wright, Jr

Do you suppose the Obama’s missed this church bulletin, too?

Barack Obama’s pastor and mentor believes “Israel is a dirty word.”

It is interesting how the words of Obama’s church of 20 years conflict with everything Barack Obama says today from the campaign trail.
It’s a bit strange.

Ed Lasky wrote much more on Obama’s Israel policy back in March, 2007 at The American Thinker.

Do the Democrats really want to go there– slandering Palin as a Jew-hater?
It wouldn’t be wise.

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