Letter Discovered: Obama Camp Looks For "Break Your Heart" Teen Actresses to Play Incest-Rape Victims in Anti-Palin Ads

More Hope and Change…

After the addition of Governor Sarah Palin to the Republican ticket earlier this month, the Obama Camp sent out ads looking for “break your heart” teen actresses to play incest-rape victims for their anti-Palin (and McCain) ads.

Needs of the Many posted the ad that was sent out to actresses in the Las Vegas area:

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Here is the wording of the anti-Palin ad:

The actress should be 15-19, and “break your heart” without saying a word. Her role is that of a victim of incest or rape who is now pregnant, and “forced to keep her child b/c Roe v. Wade overturned means no exception for rape or incest.”

And, this is the candidate of hope and change?

By the way- McCain has made it clear that he supports abortion in cases of rape or incest. Governor Palin does not support abortion.

Obama Campaign Looked For Rape Victims For Ads After Palin Was Nominated

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