Indiana Delegate Gave Code Pink Her Pass To Disrupt Convention …Update: IT WAS STOLEN!!!

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Code Pink published a report on their interruption of the Sarah Palin speech on Wednesday night. Marxist member Medea Benjamin and Top Obama Bundler Jodie Evans were dragged out of the Xcel Center without much disruption. From the other side of the stage (where I was sitting) you did not even know they had tried to sabotage Governor Palin:

Co-founders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans, who were given their tickets to the speech by a Republican delegate who was frustrated with the Republican party and Sarah Palin, caught the attention of Palin with their banners and shouting about 15 minutes into her speech. Palin stopped talking for a moment to turn to look at them. (Read a Washington Post description of the incident here:

Jonn Lilyea did some investigating and discovered that Top Obama supporter Jodie Evans was wearing the name tag of alternate delegate Annie Eckrich from Indiana:

This Ain’t Hell has more on Eckrich saying she is an alternate delegate and RNC contributor.


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