I Confess. I Did It… This Time It Was Code Pink That Was Interrupted

Usually, it’s Code Pink interrupting conservatives.
…Not today.

So, there I was… leaving the RNC Convention at the Xcel Center today and Medea Benjamin and Code Pink squad were outside the gates singing songs against America.
Notice the three ball-less dudes in the video:

I consider myself to be a pretty controlled individual but not today.
I couldn’t help it. I let go. I screamed down Code Pink.
It’s one thing to see them propped up as a legitimate voice by the media, it’s another to see them spread their filth on the street.
I screamed them down.
I screamed that they were Traitors- That they were Treasonous–

— For their support of Saddam Hussein and his rape rooms
— For their visits to Iraq before the war to prop up the evil Hussein regime
— For their support of the murdering Marxist Fidel Castro
— For supporting the brutal Marxist Hugo Chavez
— For promoting Marxist regimes
— For their support of the brutal Iranian regime
— For their assault and protests against capitalism
— For propping up radical Islamists and Sharia Law
— For their support of regimes that stone women to death and hang gays in public
— For their disruption of every conservative event
— For their attacks on the US military and troops
— For their support of the killers in Fallujah
— For their support of al-Qaeda propaganda organizations
— For the defeat of America

I’m not proud of my actions.
It wasn’t planned.
A bit unhinged?… Yes.
But, I would do the same thing again.

There were a lot of cameramen there filming.
I thought I might as well break it to you first.

UPDATE: I have a photo or two that I’ll post later.

UPDATE 2: (Days later) Sorry, I won’t be posting pictures after all.

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